Interested in film school?  Look no further than IAFT.


You could attend any film school. But why would you want to do that when our Los Angeles film school offers you the hands-on instruction you want, right here in the heart of Burbank, California, site of the most famous Hollywood studios? The International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) offers students interested in film school one of the best possible environments to learn their craft and grow their skills.  Located just a few miles from major studios such as Warner Brothers and NBC, IAFT emphasizes affordable, hands-on learning in small classes, which allows for more one-on-one instruction.

With so many different schools of film just in the Los Angeles area alone, it can be difficult to determine which is right for you.  When you get away from the fly-by-night diploma mills that won’t teach you any real skills, or the fancy sales pitches from traditional university-based film schools which take years to complete and often leave graduates under a heavy burden of debt, you’ll see why so many will tell you that the International Academy of Film and Television is the best film school in LA. We base our film school programs on real instruction that provides you with the skills you’ll need to pursue a filmmaking career.


Here are just some of the advantages you’ll gain above other schools of film when you choose to study at IAFT:

Hands-On Learning: At IAFT we believe that the best way to learn film production is not sitting for many hours in a stuffy classroom listening to someone tell you about doing something, but actually getting out there and doing it!  Unlike university film schools that will make you sit through class after class of lectures on how to frame a shot or light a set, at IAFT we teach through hands-on instruction where we let you experience the intricacies of film production first hand. Getting out there and doing is a great way to build experience and our expert film production instructors will help you do just that.

Smaller Class Sizes: Because we are a boutique film school, students of the International Academy of Film and Television benefit from some of the smallest class sizes of any film school in LA.  This means you receive more training in each subject, more pieces of equipment to work with, and the benefit of more one-on-one attention from our mentors. You can build your filmmaking skills faster with a small class size and more attention.

Focus on Mentorship: the International Academy of Film and Television program is not just a training seminar.  At IAFT our mentors, who are all veterans of the film industry, work directly with you to develop a creative relationship that fosters the growth of your artistic and technical abilities.

Unbeatable Price: Attending film school at a four-year university means spending tens of thousands of dollars and years of your life sitting through a bunch of courses you have no interest in, just so you can learn about film.  At the International Academy of Film and Television, we know why you are here, and we won’t burden you with high expenses for information that isn’t of use to you.  IAFT is one of the most competitively priced film schools in LA.  Our low tuition could mean that you can spend your money on what you really love, rather than sitting in “Intro to Financial Accounting.”

An Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Art is about creation, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also make you wealthy.  We encourage you to use your creativity and ingenuity to take what you learn here at IAFT and create a productive and profitable career or business. Our film school is based on helping you get out there and get your career going. IAFT believes you can more readily do that with hands-on instruction like we provide.

Global Advantage: We aren’t just the Academy of Film and Television; we are the International Academy of Film and Television. With additional locations in Miami, Honk Kong, and the Philippines, and coming soon to Belgium, our alumni consist of a world-wide network of fellow IAFT graduates.

There is no other film school in LA that provides this amount of hands-on, one-on-one instruction and mentorship to aspiring film makers than what you find at the International Academy of Film and Television – especially at a price as affordable as offered by IAFT.

The IAFT advantage is clear to see.  Don’t waste your time and money at a four-year university, some diploma mill “film school” set up just to take your money, or even worse, online courses.  Apply now to the International Academy of Film and Television and see how far your dreams can take you.