All acting schools claim to give their students exclusive experiences and top rated instruction. IAFT goes one better because we offer really immersive programs in Los Angeles, in the center of the most important acting center in the country. Do you have a passion for film and want to find out more about filmmaking?  Do you want to be right where the action is, working on the set of Los Angeles studios?

Look no further than the International Academy of Film and Television’s LA film school. The academy of film is located in the heart of the action, just blocks from famous Burbank studios such as Warner Brothers and NBC, giving you a chance to be right in the thick of it as you learn all about filmmaking and production. So whether you are interested in filmmaking or acting programs, our school allows you to pursue your dream of a career in film or television.

IAFT offers several different learning programs to get you started on one of many careers in media – and for only a fraction of the price you would pay at a traditional four-year university.


Certificate Program in Filmmaking

Perhaps you already know the movie making basics, but want to build on that foundation in order to learn the finer aspects of filmmaking.  The International Academy of Film and Television’s Certificate Program in Filmmaking is the perfect course for novice filmmakers looking to hone their skills and take their film and production craftwork to the next level.

Get a solid background at IAFT’s film school. This immersive, hands-on course teaches every step of filmmaking from pre- to post-production and how to approach each step both technically and artistically.  During the 5-month program, you’ll not only learn the ins and outs of crafting a compelling screenplay, but also the essential skills required to direct, produce, edit, and more.  By the end of the course you will have a completed individual film as well as a group film to add to your portfolio. We recognize how important it is to build a body of work for yourself as you make your way in the film industry. This completed film can be your entrée into your career, and our film school can help you get it produced as part of your coursework.


Diploma Program in Filmmaking

IAFT’s Diploma Program in Filmmaking is an advanced course that will polish your skills and provide you with the experience and credentials that make you an asset to any studio in LA as well as the filmmaking world as a whole.

Our film school offers this filmmaking course to the truly dedicated student. This course is only for those who are absolutely serious about filmmaking and pursuing a career in film and production.  The 900 hour, 10-month course will train you in every detail of filmmaking to help you cultivate a successful film career. The program culminates with a 10-minute student thesis.  You will actively learn about cinematography, editing, screenwriting, pitching, sound, directing, casting, production design, location scouting, how to conceive and shoot documentaries and PSAs, and much more.

By the time you have completed this intensive course you will be an expert in film and production, with a solid portfolio and diploma to match. A career in filmmaking will be within your grasp when you complete the IAFT film school’s intensive course.

This course is not for filmmaking hobbyists; IAFT’s Diploma Program is for those who are serious about film and ready to jump-start their career into the film industry.


Certificate Program in Performing Arts and Acting

Our Los Angeles acting school isn’t for everyone; it’s for people like you who are really serious about their acting careers. Not just anyone can break out onto the LA acting scene.  As any working actor will tell you, practice and training are essential to make you stand out from the thousands of others trying to start careers acting in LA.

In the Certificate Program you will learn acting for film and television, as well as the basics of voice, movement, improvisation, the history of acting, and more.  Throughout the 5-month program you will have opportunities to appear in public performances and student films. These activities alone make our Los Angeles acting school a coveted opportunity for serious acting students.


Diploma Program in Performing Arts and Acting

This intensive program will help you to develop all of the talents and abilities that you will need to start your career acting in LA.  Over the 10-month program you will study every step of acting, voice training, movement, film and television acting, improvisation, scene study, script analysis, monologue techniques, and more.

At the end of the program you will receive your diploma for Performing Arts and Acting as well as a showreel.  Throughout the 10-month program you will have opportunities to appear in public performances and student films.  Most importantly, our Los Angeles acting school will give you the background you need, experience and confidence to get out there and make an impact in the LA acting scene.